South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Faidherbia albida

    Faidherbia albida

    Anatree, Anaboom, Mogôkatau, Muhoţo, Umhlalankwazi

    Faidherbia albida is a hardy, drought resistant, fast growing, large thorn tree that is deciduous at various times of the year - sometimes summer and sometimes winter. This seems to coincide with seasonal flooding. It has small blue-grey leaflets, zigzag white branches and a beautiful silver grey a...
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  • Falkia repens

    Falkia repens

    White Carpet, Oortje’s

    Falkia repens is a hardy, evergreen, flat, mat-forming, perennial groundcover with lovely rounded leaves. It bear large, white to pinkish paper-like flowers (like miniature poppies) from September. to December. Grows in sun or shade and takes both normally irrigated and quite wet areas.  Wonde...
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  • Felicia amelloides

    Felicia amelloides

    Blue Marguerite, blue felicia bush, shrubby felicia, bush felicia, blue felicia, blue daisy bush, Paris daisy, bloumagriet, blou-astertjie

    Felicia amelloides is a very hardy, evergreen, perennial groundcover or shrublet with bright green foliage that bears masses of blue, daisy-like flowers almost all year round.  It should be pruned back lightly after each flowering to encourage the next batch of flowers and to keep the plant c...
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  • Felicia bergeriana

    Felicia bergeriana

    Kingfisher Daisy, Visvangermadaliefie

    Felicia bergeriana is a hardy, attractive, clump-forming perennial develops to a dense carpet of bright green leaves. The masses of blue daisies are borne on long stems nearly all year round and attract butterflies to the garden. Remove the dead flowers regularly to encourage flowering. Plant in ful...
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  • Felicia erigeroides

    Felicia erigeroides

    Wild Michelmas Daisy, Isithelelo

    Felicia erigeroides is a very hardy, mound-forming, evergreen perennial has small, bright green leaves and delicate pink to lilac flowers. It flowers profusely from July to September. but does have some flowers all year round if deadheaded after flowering. Plant in sun or semi-shade. Attracts butte...
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  • Felicia filifolia

    Felicia filifolia

    Fine-Leaved Felicia, Persbergdraaibos, sehala-se-seholo

    Felicia filifolia is an extremely hardy, evergreen, small shrub with fine, bright-green, aromatic, needle-like leaves. It is a magnificent sight from July to September, when it is covered in such prolific mauve, daisy-type flowers that you cannot see the leaves. It can have some flowers on and off...
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  • Ficus abutilifolia

    Ficus abutilifolia

    Large-leaved Rock Fig, Grootblaarrotsvy, momelantsweng, tshikululu, impayi

    Ficus abutilifolia is a hardy, deciduous, small to medium sized fig tree that has beautiful, large, heart-shaped leaves. The pale green figs with raised white dots, attract birds to the garden. The figs are actually inverted flowers. They are borne in the axils of the leaves from September to Ma...
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  • Ficus craterostoma

    Ficus craterostoma

    Stompblaarvy, bosvy, wurgvy, stomblaarbosvy, bostouboom, basternatalvy, Forest Fig, forest strangler-fig, blunt-leaved forest fig, bastard Natal fig, intozane, uluzi, umthombe, umthombe, umbombe, isihlamfane, moumo, muumo, muvumo, tshikululu, xirhomberhombe

    Ficus craterostoma is a fairly hardy, semi-decidious, medium sized strangler fig with a rounded, spreading crown and pale grey bark. It has fairly small leaves for a fig, which are dark glossy green, blunt tipped like a fish’s tail, and spirally arranged, making them an exceptionally attractiv...
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  • Ficus ingens

    Ficus ingens

    Red-leaved Rock Fig, Rooiblaarvy, Tshikululu, Motlhatsa, umGonswane, uLuzi

    Ficus ingens is a fairly hardy, drought resistant fig with a grey to yellowish grey bark. It can grow into a large tree in warm areas but in cold areas will hug the tops of rocks where it grows more or less as a scrambler. It has crooked branches and the roots spread over rocks. The first flush...
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  • Ficus sur

    Ficus sur

    Broomcluster Fig, Besemtrosvy, muhuyu-ngala, umkhiwane, umkhiwane

    Ficus sur is a fairly hardy, semi-deciduous, large tree with smooth grey bark. The thin, leathery leaves are dark almost grey-green and paler green beneath which make the tree shimmer in the wind. In spring the new leaves flush the tree with a beautiful coppery colour.The figs are borne throughout t...
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