South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Jamesbrittenia grandiflora

    Jamesbrittenia grandiflora

    Wild Phlox

    Jamesbrittenia grandiflora is a hardy, evergreen, fast-growing small shrub with multiple stems. Its aromatic, grey-green, quilted leaves are dense and completely cover the waving stems. At the tips of the many stems, clusters of beautiful, quite large (diameter 2.5cm), light purple flowers create a...
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  • Jasminum angulare

    Jasminum angulare

    Wild Jasmine, WIldejasmyn, umlala

    Jasminum angulare is a hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant climber with glossy, dark-green, trifoliate leaves. The clusters of star-shaped, white flowers look velvety and are sweetly-scented, especially at night.  These wonderful flowers are borne from October to January and attract a whole hos...
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  • Jasminum multipartitum

    Jasminum multipartitum

    Starry Wild Jasmine, sterretjies-jasmyn, imfohlafohlane

    Jasminum multipartitum is a very hardy, evergreen, fast-growing creeper or scrambler with small, glossy, dark-green foliage. It bears masses of fragrant, white (with deep pink undersides), star-shaped flowers, from August to January. The petals of these beautiful flowers are narrow and spidery. It ...
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  • Jasminum stenolobum

    Jasminum stenolobum

    Wild Jasmine, Wildejasmyn, loziphungwane

    Jasminum stenolobum is a hardy, evergreen, scandent, bushy shrub or climber, with glossy, dark-green leaves. Masses of large, fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers with a pink underside are borne from August to January. These are followed by black berries that attract birds to the garden. It can be ...
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  • Juncus effusus

    Juncus effusus

    Biesie, incema, Common rush

    Juncus effusus - Mat-Rush is a very hardy, evergreen, tufted, perennial rush grows in wet areas as well as in a normally irrigated garden.The grass-like leaves are very variable, with some plants having robust, upright leaves whilst others have slender graceful leaves. The flowers are small, dry and...
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  • Juncus inflexus

    Juncus inflexus

    Hard Rush

    Juncus inflexus is a very hardy, evergreen, tufted, perennial rush with stiff, erect, grey-green stems. In spring and summer, brown, dry, scaly flowers are crowded at the tips of these stems. The little seeds that follow the flowers are reddish to golden brown. This rush is used traditionally to wea...
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  • Justicia capensis

    Justicia capensis

    Money Plant, Sakemansplant, ihlalanyosi

    Justicia capensis is fairly hardy, evergreen medium to large shrub with small, glossy, velvety leaves and scented, magenta flowers with white markings all year. Flowers attract numerous pollinating insects including butterflies. Used in traditional medicine to attract customers to a business or to i...
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  • Justicia petiolaris

    Justicia petiolaris

    Blue Justicia, kissing leaves, Kiesieblaar

    Justicia petiolaris is a hardy, evergreen, mounding and trailing perennial plant with attractive light green foliage.  The spikes of flowers clustered at the tips of branches are blue with white and mauve markings. They open in succession and are borne from November to March. Butterflies and i...
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