South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Aloe ciliaris

    Aloe ciliaris

    Rankaalwyn, Climbing Aloe

    Aloe ciliaris is a hardy, climbing Aloe with stems climbing up to 5m if they are supported, but otherwise makes a lovely, clump forming sprawling shrub.  The leaves are in loose rosettes around the stem and fringed with white hairs. Blooms almost all year round with beautiful, bright red flowe...
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  • Asparagus asparagoides

    Asparagus asparagoides

    Cape Smilax, Breeblaarklimop, isicakathi, ibutha

    Asparagus asparagoides is a hardy, evergreen, attractive, climbing Asparagus has beautiful, delicate, slightly-succulent, bright-green leaves. The sweetly-scented, white flowers are borne throughout the year.These are followed by black berries that are sought after by birds. It has many tradit...
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  • Asparagus falcatus

    Asparagus falcatus

    Large Forest Asparagus, Doringtou, imbelekazana

    Asparagus falcatus is a fairly hardy, evergreen, tall, robust climber with glossy, dark-green, sickle-shaped leaves and short, hooked thorns on pale-grey stems. The small, sweetly-scented,white flowers are carried in a long thin spray and are borne from September to December.These are followed by r...
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  • Asparagus plumosus

    Asparagus plumosus

    Asparagus Fern, asparagus grass, lace fern, climbing asparagus, or ferny asparagus, iphinganhloya

    Asparagus plumosus (=Asparagus setaceus) is a very hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant climber with twining branches.The branchlets spread on one plane and have small, fine leaves in compressed clusters. Red berries, that attract birds, follow the starry, white flowers that are borne from Febru...
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  • Bauhinia galpinii

    Bauhinia galpinii

    Pride-of-de-Kaap, Vlam-van-die-Vlakte, mutswiriri, umvangatane

    Bauhinia galpinii is a hardy, deciduous, drought and frost resistant rambling shrub or climber with bi-lobed leaves that look like butterfly wings. It bears masses of beautiful terracotta coloured flowers from summer to late autumn. The Brown Playboy and the Orange Barred Playboy butterflies are...
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  • Bowiea volubilis

    Bowiea volubilis

    Bowiea, Knolklimop, iguleni, umgaqana

    Bowiea volubilis is a hardy, deciduous, bulbous plant that has two thin, strap-like leaves. It climbs by means of its large much-branched inflorescence, the branchlets of which grow downwards. Photosynthesis is also carried out by this flowering stem. It bears tiny greenish-white flowers along the ...
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  • Clematis brachiata

    Clematis brachiata

    Traveller's Joy, Klimop, Ityolo, Morarana-oa-mafehlo, Litinyo-lemamba, Inhlabanhlanzi

    Clematis brachiata is a very hardy, deciduous climber with amazing, sweetly scented, creamy-white flowers that have a mass of bright yellow fluffy stamens in the centre. It blooms from Febuary to May. The thick, small fruits are covered with a tail of long, silvery-white, silky hairs. This helps wit...
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  • Combretum bracteosum

    Combretum bracteosum

    Hiccupnut, Hikklimop, uqotho

    Combretum bracteosum is a fairly hardy, deciduous scrambler has unusual, dull olive-green leaves, and is a particularly attractive foliage plant. It bears gorgeous, big heads of red flowers from September to December. Unusually for a Combretum, it has nuts and not 4-winged seeds.These nuts are ed...
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  • Combretum mossambicensis

    Combretum mossambicensis

    Knobbly combretum, Knoppiesklimop, motsoketsane, gopo-gopo

    Combretum mossambicensis is a hardy, deciduous, drought-resistant, scrambling shrub or climber with greyish-brown bark and long, trailing stems that will climb if they have something to lean on.The dull-green leaves have a twisted tip. It bears fluffy, pink to white flowers from September to Nove...
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  • Dioscorea dregeana

    Dioscorea dregeana

    Wild Yam, Wildejam, ingcolo, isidakwa

    Dioscorea dregeana is a fairly hardy, vigorous, deciduous climber that has long angular stems. The beautiful large leaves are carried on slender stalks giving the plant a weeping habit. The male flowers are green, and the female flowers are white, each borne on separate plants. When the seed pods o...
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