South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

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  • Acacia abyssinica

    Acacia abyssinica

    Flat Top Acacia, Nyanga Flat Top

    Acacia abyssinica (=Vachellia abyssinica) is a hardy, deciduous (in Gauteng) to semi-deciduous, large tree that develops a distinctly flat top. The very dark brown to black bark is papery and peels off in big pieces on younge...

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  • Acacia ataxacantha

    Acacia ataxacanthaIn Stock

    Flamepod Thorn, Vlamdoring, umthathawe, umnga, mogokare, muluwa, mologa

    Acacia ataxacantha (=Senegalia ataxacantha) is a hardy, deciduous Acacia that can grow as a scrambling shrub or medium sized tree with many hooked prickles. It is drought resistant and fairly fast-growing. The fine leaves are either bright...

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  • Acacia brevispica

    Acacia brevispicaIn Stock

    Prickly Thorn, Dorinkiedoring, Umthathawe

    Acacia brevispica (=Senegalia brevispica) is a hardy, semi-deciduous, robust, prickly, scrambling Acacia that can be trained into a large beautiful shrub. It has feathery, large, soft, bipinnate leaves with small hook thorns along the rib...

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  • Acacia burkei

    Acacia burkeiIn Stock

    Swartapiesdoring, Black Monkey Thorn, Mokgwa, Umkhaya

    Acacia burkei (=Senegalia burkei) is a hardy, deciduous, medium sized Acacia that has attractive, large round leaflets. Spikes of white flowers from October to January are followed by bright red seed pods. This beautiful specimen tr...

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  • Acacia caffra

    Acacia caffraIn Stock

    Gewone Haakdoring, katdoring, Common Hook Thorn, Cat Thorn, Morutlhare, Muvunda-mbado, Umtholo, Motholo, Mbvhinya-xihloka

    Acacia caffra (=Senegalia caffra) is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, graceful tree with feathery foliage that gives the tree a weeping shape. Fragrant, creamy-white flower spikes are borne from September to November along with...

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  • Acacia davyi

    Acacia davyiIn Stock

    Kurkbasdoring, Papierdoring, Kurkdoring, Musaunga, Isikhwishi, Cork-bark Thorn, Corky Thorn, Paper-bark Thorn, Paper Thorn, Paper-bark Tree

    Acacia davyi (=Vachellia davyi) is a hardy, drought resistant, deciduous, small Acacia with distinctive yellow or light brown, corky bark on the stems and branches. It has clusters of bright yellow puffball flowers on the ends of the ...

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  • Acacia erioloba

    Acacia erioloba

    False Lightening Bush, Camel Thorn, Valsbliksembos, Kameeldoring, umbheza, umgqata

    Acacia erioloba (= Vachellia erioloba) is a very hardy, beautiful Thorn Tree from South Africa that is slow growing but tolerates harsh growing conditions. It has typical fine, feathery leaves and straight white spines. The bark is deeply ...

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  • Acacia galpinii

    Acacia galpiniiIn Stock

    Apiesdoring, Monkey-Thorn, Mokgapa, Tshikwalo, Molopa

    Acacia galpinii (=Senegalia galpinii) is a very hardy fairly fast growing, deciduous thorn tree and is one of the largest of the Acacias. It flowers before the leaves in September and October with showy, white, bottlebrush-type flowers...

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  • Acacia gerrardii

    Acacia gerrardiiIn Stock

    Rooidoring, rooibas, rooihaakdoring, swarthaakdoring, engelsedoring, Red Thorn, umphuzwe, Umsama, muunga

    Acacia gerrardii (=Vachellia gerrardii) is a hardy, fairly fast-growing, drought-resistant, deciduous Acacia. It has a long, straight stem that starts branching high up to form a flattish crown. As it is sparsely branched and throws li...

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  • Acacia grandicornutaFlowering

    Acacia grandicornutaIn Stock

    Horingdoring, Horned Thorn

    Acacia grandicornuta (Vachellia grandicornuta) is a hardy, deciduous, small to medium sized tree with a sparse rounded crown. The bark on the tree stem is deeply, longitudinally fissured and dark grey, while the young zigzagging branches ar...

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