South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Calodendrum capense

    Calodendrum capense

    Kaapse kastaiing, Cape Chestnut, muvhaha, umbhaba, umbhaba

    Calodendrum capense is a hardy, semi-deciduous, large tree. It has a beautiful shape and smooth grey bark. Mature trees often develop fluting at the base of the trunk. The leaves are pale beneath and a shiny, darker green above. This makes the crown seem to “shimmer” as the leaves move ...
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  • Calpurnia aurea

    Calpurnia aurea

    Calpurnia, Geelkeur, Muhalika, Idywadi, Umkhiphampethu

    Calpurnia aurea is a hardy, evergreen, fast growing, graceful shrub or small tree with bright, emerald green foliage. Pendulous bunches of brilliant yellow, pea-like flowers are borne from November to March although there are a few flowers throughout the year. It starts flowering at a young age....
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  • Canthium gilfillanii

    Canthium gilfillanii

    Velvet Rock-alder, Fluweelklipels, Serapše, Mononyane

    Canthium gilfillanii is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant tree with interesting, angular branching patterns and beautiful silver bark. It has small greenish flowers from August to December. which attract insects. These are followed by black, sticky seeds that are also a favorite with birds...
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  • Canthium inerme

    Canthium inerme

    Turkey-berry, Bosdoringklipels, mmutšwa-o-sepela, muvhibvela-sha ani, umnyushulube, umvuthwamini

    Canthium inerme is a hardy, evergreen large shrub or small tree with bright green leaves. It has white flowers from August to January which often appear with the new leaves in spring. They are followed by glossy, black berries. The berries look like antelope droppings but are edible and much soug...
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  • Carissa bispinosa

    Carissa bispinosa

    Forest Numnum, Bosnoemnoem, murungulu, morokolo

    Carissa bispinosa is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, spiny shrub. It has thick, rigid, leathery, dark green, glossy leaves and hard Y shaped thorns that split twice. Clusters of pretty, white, scented flowers appear from August to January followed by small, attractive, red, edible fruit...
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  • Carissa edulis

    Carissa edulis

    Climbing Numnum, Ranknoemnoem, mothokolo, murungulu

    Carissa edulis is a hardy, much-branched, evergreen, fast growing shrub or climber that has glossy, leathery leaves, which are sometimes hairy and have red growing tips. The hard rigid spines are almost always single. Masses of beautiful, white flowers tinged with pink appear from September to Decem...
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  • Carissa macrocarpa

    Carissa macrocarpa

    Amatungulu, Grootnoemnoem, amathungula, umthungulu

    Carissa macrocarpa is a hardy, drought resistant, dense, spiny shrub to small tree with large leathery, dark green, glossy leaves. It has large, beautiful, scented, white flowers that are followed by large edible red fruits on and off throughout the year. It attracts butterflies and fruit eating...
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  • Carissa macrocarpa Green Carpet

    Carissa macrocarpa Green Carpet

    Dwerg Natalpruim, Amatungulu, amathungula, umthungulu

    Carissa macrocarpa "Green Carpet" is a hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant, dense, spiny, dwarf spreading shrublet with leathery, dark-green, glossy leaves. It has beautiful, quite large, scented, white flowers and large edible red fruits on and off throughout the year. It attracts butterflies an...
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  • Carpobrotus edulis

    Carpobrotus edulis

    Suurvy, Sour fig, umgongozi

    Carpobrotus edulis is a very hardy, evergreen, succulent, drought-resistant, spreading groundcover that has triangular-shaped, fleshy leaves. In spring and summer, (August to October.)it bears large, vygie-like, yellow flowers that fade to pink.The large, fleshy fruits that follow become yellowish ...
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  • Carpobrotus muirii

    Carpobrotus muirii

    Dwergsuurvy, Dwarf Sour Fig

    Carpobrotus muirii is a hardy, evergreen, succulent, drought-resistant, spreading groundcover that has narrow, triangular-shaped, fleshy leaves. It bears large, vygie-like, purple flowers in spring and summer (August. to February).The large fruits are edible and used in curries, jams and preserves....
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