South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

Random Harvest’s South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue is a purpose built resource for Landscapers and gardeners alike. It is an ever-growing collection of the plants indigenous to South Africa, that we grow or have grown in the past. Each plant included on this catalogue has horticultural value, and information is given on where and how to grow it to its full potential.

ATTRIBUTES - Select attributes for these plants (e.g. winter flowering, tall tree, butterfly host plant, bird friendly etc.) to fine tune a selection of plants that will most suit your gardening requirements. Simply click on the square next to the commonly asked question or attribute, and then click on the “Filter Plants” button.

SEARCH BUTTON - If you know what you are looking for, type in the name of the plant and click on the search button (magnifying glass). This function does require correct spelling of the plant name. You can enter the Genus and species, or one or the other, or a common name to search for a plant. This search facility can also be used to search on specific words, e.g. “yellow flowers” or “Lily” etc.

REQUEST A QUOTE - You are also able to build a request for a quote on plants that you would like for your garden project. Once you’ve selected what you want, submit it and we will get back to you with availability and a quote.

This catalogue is a work in progresss. Please let us know if you find any glaring errors.

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  • Ehretia rigidaFlowering

    Ehretia rigidaIn Stock

    Puzzle Bush, Deurmekaarbos, mutepe, morôbê, umklele, umbotshane, moroba

    Ehretia rigida is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, attractive shrub with an interesting shape. This is formed by its tangled downwards pointing, gracefully arching branchlets and also gives its common name Puzzle bush. The gre...

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  • Ekebergia capensis

    Ekebergia capensisIn Stock

    Cape Ash, Essenhout, Mutovuma, Umnyamathi

    Ekebergia capensis is a fairly hardy, semi-deciduous, lush, medium sized, good shade tree with decorative berries that are much favoured by birds. The small, scented greenish-white flowers appear from August to December. Male and female fl...

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  • Elegia capensis

    Elegia capensis


    Elegia capensis is a hardy, evergreen restio is a large, ornamental form plant for water features.It produces tall stems with soft-feathery leaves at regular intervals along its length. The golden-brown flowers are carried at the tip of ...

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  • Elionurus muticus

    Elionurus muticus

    Wire Grass, Kaperdraadgras

    Elionurus muticus is a very hardy, upright growing grass with bright green, dense tufts of leaves at the base of the plant. The long white seed heads curl gracefully backwards at the tips of long stems from September to May. In autumn the l...

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  • Englerophytym magaliesmontanumFlowering

    Englerophytym magaliesmontanum

    Englerophytum magalismontanum is a hardy, evergreen small to medium sized slow growing tree that is mostly multistemmed. It has smooth, greyish bark. The leathery young leaves are a lovely bronze colour and turn glossy, blue-green with a wa...

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  • Eragrostis capensis

    Eragrostis capensisIn Stock

    Hartjiesgras, Small Heart Seed Grass, Umbhimbane

    Eragrostis capensis is a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, densely-tufted, small perennial grass. The blue-green, slender leaves have purple bases. The flower spikes are held erect with plump, golden, heart-shaped spikelets from Sep...

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  • Eragrostis curvula

    Eragrostis curvulaIn Stock

    Weeping Love Grass, Oulandsgras, umsingisane

    Eragrostis curvula is a  hardy, densely tufted, densely leafy, robust but graceful grass with a graceful, weeping habit. The tall panicles of dainty seeds are borne from August to June. An attractive garden subject that will encourage ...

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  • Eragrostis gummiflua

    Eragrostis gummifluaIn Stock

    Gomgras, Gum Grass

    Eragrostis gummiflua is a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, perennial grass with sparse, hard, tough leaves. It bears attractive, large racemes of pink to purple flowers and seeds on stiff branches from November to May. Parts of th...

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  • Eragrostis superba

    Eragrostis superbaIn Stock

    Saw-tooth Love Grass, flat-seed love grass, bosluissaadgras

    Eragrostis superba is a hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, perennial grass that has attractive, bright-green leaves, mostly concentrated at the base of the tuft. It flowers from September to May and has a spikelet of beautiful, large, gol...

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  • Eriocephalus africanusFlowering

    Eriocephalus africanus

    Wild Rosemary, Kapokbos, wilderoosmaryn

    Eriocephalus africanus is a hardy, attractive, fast growing evergreen, aromatic, small shrub, with fine, soft, grey, heavily scented leaves.   It flowers from autumn to winter with white, daisy-like flowers that have a purple centre an...

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