South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Galpinia transvaalica

    Galpinia transvaalica

    Wild Pride of India, Transvaalliguster, uMhlope

    Galpinia transvaalica is a hardy, decorative, thickset, small to medium sized, sometimes multi-stemmed, evergreen tree. It has waxy, glossy, wavy-edged leaves that flush an amazing red in spring. Showy white flowers are borne from December to April which attract insects to the garden. It is also ...
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  • Gardenia cornuta

    Gardenia cornuta

    Tongakatjiepiering, Tonga Gardenia, umValasangweni

    Gardenia cornuta is a small, evergreen, decorative tree. It is multi-stemmed with grey-green mottled bark on erect, stiff branches. The leaves are clustered at the ends of the hard twigs, and are shiny light green with wavy margins. Scented, star-like white flowers adorn the tree from December to ...
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  • Gardenia thunbergia

    Gardenia thunbergia

    witkatjiepiering, buffelsbal, kannetjieboom, white gardenia, forest gardenia, wild gardenia, umKhangazi, umValasangweni, umKhwakhwane

    Gardenia thunbergia is a hardy, evergreen shrub has glossy green leaves, silvery bark and wonderful branching patterns.  The sweet scent of the magnificent, large, white flowers will permeate the garden from October to February. The large knobbly seeds are also very decorative and persis...
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  • Gardenia volkensii

    Gardenia volkensii

    Bushveld Gardenia, Bosveldkatjiepiering, Tshiralala, Morala, umGongwane

    Gardenia volkensii is a hardy, drought resistant, semi-deciduous to evergreen tree or large shrub with an interesting, rigid, branching pattern and beautiful silvery bark. It has attractive shiny, bright green leaves. The large, white, sweetly scented, tubular flowers are borne in profusion from Ju...
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  • Gazania Gazoo

    Gazania Gazoo

    Gazania gazoo Citrus Mix is a hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, sun loving groundcover with glossy leaves. This vigorous Gazania produces large flowers on strong stems in spring and summer. They are free flowering with a long flowering season. This hybrid mixture of orange and yellow flower...
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  • Gazania Gazoo Fire Mix

    Gazania Gazoo Fire Mix

    Gazania, Gousblom

    Gazania gazoo fire mix is a hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, sun loving groundcovers with glossy leaves. This vigorous Gazania produces extremely large flowers on strong stems in spring and summer. They are free flowering with a long flowering season. This hybrid mixture of hot red, orange and ...
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  • Gazania krebsiana

    Gazania krebsiana


    Gazania krebsiana is a perennial, evergreen, clump forming, low growing, drought tolerant, attractive free flowering groundcover. The flowers are orange to scarlet and appear in late winter and spring. Hybrids are available in many bright colours. The flowers are edible and it has many traditional...
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  • Geranium incanum

    Geranium incanum

    Carpet Geranium, Bergtee, Tlako, Malko

    Geranium incanum is a hardy, fast growing, evergreen groundcover has beautiful, fine, feathery foliage. It bears masses of purple flowers nearly all year round that attract insects to the garden. It is a very versatile plant that does well planted on banks, in hanging baskets and containers. When p...
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  • Gerbera jamesonii

    Gerbera jamesonii

    Barberton Daisy, Barbertonse Madeliefie

    Gerbera jamesonni is a well-known and well-loved hardy indigenous groundcover. This hardy, semi-deciduous perennial has a basal rosette of leaves and large daisy-like flowers carried on long stems above the plant with a broad spectrum of colour from yellow through orange and red variations. It bloom...
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  • Gladiolus crassifolius

    Gladiolus crassifolius

    Thick Leaved Gladiolus

    Gladiolus crassifolius is a very hardy, deciduous, bulbous plant with erect, robust leaves that have a yellow midrib and margin and are carried in a fan (crassifolius = thick-leaved). The tall spikes of flowers are borne mainly in spring and summer. The flower colour is very variable, but they all h...
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