South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

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  • Haemanthus albiflos

    Haemanthus albiflosIn Stock

    Witpoeierkwas, White Paint Brush, uzeneke, uZeneke

    Haemanthus albiflos is a hardy, evergreen, shade-loving, bulbous plant with mainly broad, glossy, green, strap-like leaves, although they are very variable and can sometimes be hairy. The upper half of the bulb is bright-green and is expose...

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  • Halleria ellipticaFlowering

    Halleria ellipticaIn Stock

    Kinderbessie, Rock Tree Fuchsia

    Halleria elliptica is a hardy evergreen shrub, with very showy, orange-red, broadly tubular flowers in summer and winter. The olive green foliage turns purple in winter which contrasts beautifully with the orange-red flowers. It then bears...

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  • Halleria lucida

    Halleria lucidaIn Stock

    Tree-Fuchia, Notsung, Murevhe, Leloetsi

    Halleria lucida is a hardy, evergreen, small to medium sized tree with attractive foliage and a graceful drooping habit. It bears orange or pale yellow tubular flowers which are borne from April to August. The flowers are borne along the...

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  • Haplocarpha scaposaFlowering

    Haplocarpha scaposaIn Stock

    False gerbera, Melktou, khutsana, isikhali

    Haplocarpha scaposa is a very hardy, fast growing, deciduous perennial plant with a basal rosette of attractive large, grey-green leaves that have white woolly undersides. In its first season it starts to bear large yellow flowers on long s...

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  • Harpephyllum caffrumFlowering

    Harpephyllum caffrumIn Stock

    Wild Plum, Wildepruim, Umgwenya, Umgwenye

    Harpephyllum caffrum is a fairly hardy, large evergreen tree. It has attractive dark foliage with the odd red leaf in the crown. The small yellowish-green flowers are borne in terminal sprays from October to February. Male and female flowe...

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  • Harpochloa falxFlowering

    Harpochloa falxIn Stock

    Caterpillar Grass

    Harpochloa falx is a hardy, perennial, evergreen tufted grass. From September to April the inflorescence stalks bear flattened spikelets that carry two rows of densely packed flowers that curl as they dry out and form seeds. In the garden...

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  • Helichrysum argyrophyllumFlowering

    Helichrysum argyrophyllum

    Golden Guinea Everlasting, Vaalsewejaartjie

    Helichrysum argyrophyllum is a  hardy, evergreen, mat-forming ground cover or dwarf shrub that has beautiful, small, grey leaves with silvery, white hairs. The clusters of papery, canary yellow flowers are carried well above the plant...

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  • Helichrysum crispumFlowering

    Helichrysum crispumIn Stock

    Mattress Everlasting, Kooigoed, imphepo

    Helichrysum crispum is a hardy, evergreen, dense, very fast-growing, compact perennial with beautiful, small, dainty, silvery-grey velvety, rounded, aromatic leaves. A lovely foliage and textural plant. From November to January it has clus...

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  • Helichrysum cymosumFlowering

    Helichrysum cymosumIn Stock

    Goue tapyt, Golden Carpet

    Helichrysum cymosum is a hardy, evergreen small, leafy, scandent shrub with beautiful silvery, small leaves that are woolly below. It bears compact heads of yellow, papery flowers at the tips of each branchlet from September to April. Use...

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  • Helichrysum petiolareFlowering

    Helichrysum petiolareIn Stock

    Mattress Everlasting, Kooigoed

    Helichrysum petiolare is a hardy, evergreen, dense, very fast growing perennial with beautiful, silvery-grey velvety, rounded, aromatic leaves. A lovely foliage and textural plant. It has cream flowers from November to January which can be ...

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