South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Ilex mitis

    Ilex mitis

    Cape Holly, Without, Mutanzwa-khamelo, iPhuphuma

    Ilex mitis is a hardy, small to medium sized, evergreen tree with almost white bark. It has a graceful rounded crown of glossy, dark green leaves that are purplish-red when they first flush. Massed clusters of small, sweetly scented, white flowers are borne from October to February. (Male and fema...
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  • Impatiens hochstetterii

    Impatiens hochstetterii

    Mauve Impatiens

    Impatiens hochstetterii is a fairly hardy, semi deciduous, soft herbaceous perennial. It has attractive glossy leaves with a pinkish petiole. It bears masses of pretty, small, solitary mauve to pink flowers from October. to April. Plant in shade in compost rich soil with adequate water. It doe...
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  • Indigofera frutescens

    Indigofera frutescens

    River Indigo, Rivierverfbos

    Indigofera frutescens is a hardy, semi-deciduous, graceful, small tree with delicate compound leaves and attractive bark. It blooms at a very young age - from 2 to 3 years old. Elegant, upright sprays of showy light to dark pink flower spikes adorn this little tree for an exceptionally long time i...
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  • Ipomoea albivenia

    Ipomoea albivenia

    Climbing Kapok, Wildekatoen, imibuzana

    Ipomoea albivenia is a fairly hardy, deciduous climber with thick, glossy, grey-green, heart-shaped leaves that are velvety white when young. It has large solitary, trumpet-shaped, scented, white flowers in February and March. The flowers open at night which means it is probably moth pollinated. The...
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  • Isolepis cernua

    Isolepis cernua

    Fibre-optic Grass

    Isolepis cernua is an evergreen, wide-spread, fountain-like, bright green, little flowering sedge that has silvery flower heads on the tips of long stems that make it look like a spray of fibre-optic threads. Although frost hardy, it requires damp growing conditions.  It grows in marshy areas,...
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