South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

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  • Mackaya bella

    Mackaya bellaIn Stock

    Blouklokkiesbos, bosklokkiesbos, River Bells, Forest bell-bush, mackaya, beautiful mackaya, umavuthwa, uzwathi, uphulule, icaphozi, umgqabi omhlophe, umkhondo omhlophe, muvuvulu, umzwatsi, mufhanza

    Mackaya bella (=Asystasia bella) is a hardy, evergreen shrub with dark green, glossy leaves. It bears, magnificent long bunches of lilac or white, trumpet-shaped flowers from early spring to November. It grows in deep shade where ...

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  • Macledium zeyheri

    Macledium zeyheri

    Doll’s Protea, Jakkalsbosssie, Isihlabamakhondlwane ububendle, Umlunge

    Macledium (=Dicoma) zeyheri is a very hardy, unusual perennial plant with leathery leaves that are white felted below and cobwebby stems. It bears purplish flowers with spiky silver bracts that are also tinged with purple and look like mini...

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  • Malephora purpureo-crocea

    Malephora purpureo-crocea

    Copper Vygie, Vingerkanna

    Malephora purpurea-crocea is a hardy, evergreen, spreading, succulent groundcover that has pale-green to blue-green, triangular leaves. It bears the most beautiful, glistening coppery-orange flowers with a purple underside, which open in b...

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  • Manilkara mochisia

    Manilkara mochisiaIn Stock

    Lowveld Milkberry, Laeveldmelkbessie, Munamba, Umnqambo

    Manilkara mochisia is a fairly hardy, deciduous tree with a crooked stem that starts branching quite low. The bark is dark blackish brown. Glossy, leathery, bicoloured leaves are clustered in rosettes at the tips of the branches and are an ...

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  • Markhamia zanzibaricaFlowering

    Markhamia zanzibaricaIn Stock

    Bellbean, Klokkiesboontjie, Muļa-kholomo, Mositsanateng

    Markhamia zanzibarica is a fairly hardy, small, evergreen Bushveld tree with smooth or rough grey bark. It has compound, glossy, fresh green leaves. The really attractive feature of this small tree is its beautiful, bell-shaped, yellow and ...

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  • Maytenus undataFlowering

    Maytenus undataIn Stock

    Koko Tree, Kokoboom, Idohame, Umkokane, Tshinembane

    Maytenus undata is a very hardy, evergreen large or small tree. Its height is very variable, and depends on the area in which it is growing. The colder it is the smaller the tree. The bark is grey-brown with patches flaking off and leaving ...

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  • Melianthus comosusFlowering

    Melianthus comosusIn Stock

    Feathery Touch-me-not, Honey flower, Kruidjie-roer-my-nie, Ibonya

    Melianthus comosus is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant fast growing shrub with attractive divided, strongly aromatic leaves. The sprays of scarlet flowers are sweet smelling and have abundant nectar which attracts insects, bees, ...

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  • Melianthus dregeanusFlowering

    Melianthus dregeanus

    Red Honey Flower, Rooi Heuningblom

    Melianthus dregeanus is a very hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant, fast- growing shrub that makes a beautiful ornamental feature in the garden. The large compound leaves are neatly serrated, densely hairy and strongly aromatic. The droopin...

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  • Melianthus major

    Melianthus majorIn Stock

    Touch-me-not, Kruidjie-roer-my-nie

    Melianthus major is a hardy, evergreen, decorative shrub with large, neatly serrated, blue-green, compound leaves that are strongly aromatic when touched. From July to October the maroon flower spikes are carried above the foliage, and thei...

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  • Melinis nerviglumisFlowering

    Melinis nerviglumisIn Stock

    Steekblaarblinkgras, Bristle Leaved Red Top

    Melinis nerviglumis is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, dense, tufted, perennial grass with beautiful grey leaves. The gorgeous plumes of shiny fluffy pink to red seeds appear all year round and attract small seed eating birds. It makes an att...

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