South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Nerine laticoma

    Nerine laticoma

    Vleilelie, gifbol, jeukui, seeroogblom, Vlei Lily

    Nerine laticoma is a very hardy, deciduous, bulbous plant with a tuft of broad, glossy, strap-shaped leaves and quite a large bulb. From January to March, each bulb sends up a long, flowering stem that has a rounded head of absolutely beautiful pink flowers that attract pollinating insects. There ...
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  • Noltea africana

    Noltea africana

    Soap Dogwood, soap glossy-leaf, soap bush, Seepblinkblaar, seepbos, Umkhuthuhla, amaluleka, iphalode, umglindi, umahlahlakwa, umaluleka

    Noltea africana is a very hardy, evergreen, very fast growing, small to medium sized tree. The glossy leaves are darker above and paler underneath, and have purple petioles. The branchlets are also purplish-red. The flowers are pretty, small, white sprays borne in the axils of the leaves from August...
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  • Nuxia floribunda

    Nuxia floribunda

    Forest Elder,forest nuxia, wild elder, Bosvlier, vlier, mula-notshi, mpupumwa, Ithambo, umHlambandlazi, ingobese, isanywana, umKhobeza, mothlabare, iNgqota, isiKhali

    Nuxia floribunda is a hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, neat and attractive tree that is quite small in drier conditions, but if its roots find water it can get quite big. Pale grey, smooth bark contrasts beautifully with the glossy, dark-green leaves that turn quite purple in winter. Its huge heads...
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  • Nymphaea nouchali

    Nymphaea nouchali

    Blouwaterlelie, Blue Waterlily, iZubu, iNtekwane

    Nymphaea nouchali is a hardy, deciduous waterlily. It has glossy, circular, floating leaves that turn lovely colours in autumn. The flowers are a beautiful sky blue through pale lilac to pink flowers with masses of yellow stamens in the centre. These are carried on longish stems above the surf...
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  • Nymphoides indica

    Nymphoides indica

    Geelwaterlelie, Yellow Waterlily, floating hearts, marombodane

    Nymphoides indica is a semi-deciduous, floating plant with rhizomes and long, slender stems ending in almost circular leaves floating flat on the surface of the water. From October to May it has abundant, small, fluffy, yellow flowers at the edge of each leaf and is a pretty sight floating on the s...
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