South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Ochna natalitia

    Ochna natalitia

    Showy Plane, Mickey-mouse plant, Wild Plane, Pronkrooihout, Mbovu, Isibomvu

    Ochna natalitia is a hardy, semi-deciduous, large shrub with glossy leaves that flush red in spring. This beautiful plant deserves pride of place in any garden with its profuse, sweetly scented, yellow flowers from September to December and black fruit on an enlarged red calyx. The calyx persist...
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  • Ochna serrulata

    Ochna serrulata

    Fynblaarrooihout, Small-leaved Plane, umbovu, ilitiye

    Ochna serrulata is a hardy, small, semi-deciduous shrub with glossy, mirror-like leaves that flush red in spring. The profuse, bright yellow, scented flowers are borne from September to December. The flowers are short lived but are followed by black fruit on an enlarged red calyx that looks like a f...
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  • Olea europaea africana

    Olea europaea africana

    African Olive, Olienhout, Mutwari, Motlhware, Umnqumo

    Olea europaea africana is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant tree with gorgeous silvery foliage and a rounded crown. It bears scented, greenish flowers from October to December followed by delicious edible small black Olives (these can be eaten directly from the tree and need no treatment ...
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  • Olinia emarginata

    Olinia emarginata

    Mountain Hard Pear, Berghardepeer, Uqudu

    Olinia emarginata is a very frost-hardy, evergreen small to medium sized tree that can grow into a huge tree in forest situations. It has gorgeous creamy white bark that flakes to reveal orange areas. The small leaves form a dense, dark glossy green crown. The compact sprays of pink flowers are fa...
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  • Ornithogalum juncifolium

    Ornithogalum juncifolium

    Grass-leaved Chincherichee, indolothi, lijo-tsanoko

    Ornithogalum juncifolium is a hardy, evergreen, bulbous plant that has slender, grass-like bright-green leaves. It bears masses of flower spikes with small, white, star-like florets from September to March that are a sight to behold. The flowers make a delicate cut flower, and also attract insects...
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  • Ornithogalum sp. Tiny Peddie

    Ornithogalum sp. Tiny Peddie

    Ornithogalum sp. ‘Tiny Peddie' is a hardy, evergreen, bulbous plant with a tuft of glossy, grass-like leaves and small bulbs that multiply. It flowers from October to March with spikes of pure white, star-like flowers that are almost translucent. The flowers attract insects to the garden and m...
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  • Orthosiphon labiatus

    Orthosiphon labiatus

    Pienk Salie, Pink Sage, Shell Bush

    Orthosiphon labiatus is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, fast growing shrub. It forms a much branched rounded shrub with aromatic, heart-shaped leaves. From mid-summer to early winter it is covered in spikes of pinky-mauve tubular flowers that are irresistible to a number of insect pollinators. Butter...
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  • Oscularia  cedarbergensis

    Oscularia cedarbergensis

    Vyebos, dassievygie, sandsteenvygie

    Oscularia cedarbergensis is a very hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, drought-resistant, spreading, succulent groundcover with blue-green, triangular leaves. Pale pink, vygie-like flowers are borne en masse from spring to summer, with a few flowers all year round.The flowers attract numerous pollinatin...
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  • Osteospermum ecklonis

    Osteospermum ecklonis

    Van Staden’s River Daisy, Jakkalsbos

    Osteospermum ecklonis is a hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant, bushy perennial with a rounded, spreading shape and bright-green, slightly-succulent leaves. It bears large, glistening, white, daisy-like flowers that are streaked with bluish-mauve below and have attractive deep-blue centres. It flow...
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  • Otholobium decumbens

    Otholobium decumbens

    carpet pea, mat otholobium, eight-day-healing bush, agtdaegeneesbossie

    Otholobium decumbens is a very hardy, flat, creeping groundcover with trifoliate leaves, which knits so tightly in full sun that it can be used instead of lawn grass. In spring it has masses of two-tone pink flowers that look like a pink carpet. A very worthwhile and useful plant that should be wat...
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