South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

Random Harvest’s South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue is a purpose built resource for Landscapers and gardeners alike. It is an ever-growing collection of the plants indigenous to South Africa, that we grow or have grown in the past. Each plant included on this catalogue has horticultural value, and information is given on where and how to grow it to its full potential.

ATTRIBUTES - Select attributes for these plants (e.g. winter flowering, tall tree, butterfly host plant, bird friendly etc.) to fine tune a selection of plants that will most suit your gardening requirements. Simply click on the square next to the commonly asked question or attribute, and then click on the “Filter Plants” button.

SEARCH BUTTON - If you know what you are looking for, type in the name of the plant and click on the search button (magnifying glass). This function does require correct spelling of the plant name. You can enter the Genus and species, or one or the other, or a common name to search for a plant. This search facility can also be used to search on specific words, e.g. “yellow flowers” or “Lily” etc.

REQUEST A QUOTE - You are also able to build a request for a quote on plants that you would like for your garden project. Once you’ve selected what you want, submit it and we will get back to you with availability and a quote.

This catalogue is a work in progresss. Please let us know if you find any glaring errors.

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  • Pachypodium saundersiae

    Pachypodium saundersiae

    Kudu Lily, Rathbonia, Koedoelelie, Isihlehle, insema-yamatshe, Ligubugubu, sikymbyambya, sisila-semphala

    Pachypodium saundersiae is a semi hardy, deciduous succulent shrub that has a large, irregularly swollen stem with thick branches and a silvery-grey bark with hard white spines. From April to June it bears large, attractive, frilly, white,...

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  • Panicum maximum

    Panicum maximum

    Guinea Grass, Buffelsgras, Ubabe

    Panicum maximum is a very hardy, evergreen, clump-forming, robust, densely-leafy, perennial grass. It bears delicate, flowering stems of tiny creamy-coloured seeds with purple sheaths. From September to March it produces flowers and seeds ...

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  • Papaver aculeatum

    Papaver aculeatum

    Wild Poppy, Bristle Poppy, Orange Poppy, Doringpapawer, Koringpapawer, Wildepapawer, Sehlohlo

    Papaver aculeatum is a very hardy, evergreen annual to perennial groundcover with a basal rosette of grey-green attractive leaves. It bears beautiful, papery salmon-pink poppies on long stems from early spring to late summer. This rare litt...

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  • Pappea capensis

    Pappea capensis

    Jacket Plum, Doppruim, Tshikavhavhe, Umqhokwane

    Pappea capensis is a hardy, evergreen, very attractive, small to medium sized, neatly shaped, dense tree. The bark is pale grey-brown with knobbly branches. The edges of the leathery leaves are wavy and the reddish spring colours are very...

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  • Pavetta gardenifolia

    Pavetta gardenifoliaIn Stock

    Christmas bride's bush, Kersbruidsbos

    Pavetta gardeniifolia is a hardy, deciduous, sometimes evergreen large shrub or small tree with glossy dark green leaves. The beautiful clusters of creamy-white, sweetly scented, nectar- rich flowers are borne at Christmas (November to Jan...

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  • Pavetta lanceolata

    Pavetta lanceolataIn Stock

    Weeping Brides Bush, Treurbruidsbo, Tshituku, Gololembuzi, Umhleza

    Pavetta lanceolata is a hardy, small, evergreen shrub or small tree with attractive dark foliage. Spectacular, large clusters of pure white, pincushion-like flowers with long protruding stamens are borne from October to January an...

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  • Pavonia praemorsaFlowering

    Pavonia praemorsaIn Stock

    Yellow Pavonia, Yellow Mallow

    Pavonia praemorsa is a hardy, very attractive, medium sized, evergreen shrub with glossy, round leaves and purplish stems. It bears butter yellow hibiscus-like flowers almost all year round. It is a beautiful form plant and a most attractiv...

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  • Peddiea africana

    Peddiea africanaIn Stock

    Poison-olive, Gifolyf, Mukalakata, Isifufufu, Gcamche

    Peddiea africana is a fairly hardy (not frost hardy), small, slender tree or large shrub, with dark grey-brown, fibrous bark. The shiny, dark green leaves are clustered at the ends of branches. New leaves are a shiny, pale green, giving a d...

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  • Pelargonium abrotanifolium Flowering

    Pelargonium abrotanifolium In Stock

    Southernwood-leaved Pelargonium

    Pelargonium abrotanifolium is a very hardy, evergreen, erect, much branched shrublet with deeply incised, grey feathery foliage that is both beautiful and delightfully scented. The flowers, which are borne throughout the year, vary in colo...

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  • Pelargonium acetosumFlowering

    Pelargonium acetosum

    Sorrel leaved Pelargonium

    Pelargonium acetosum is a hardy, evergreen, bushy but sometimes straggling ground cover with semi-succulent bright green leaves that are edged in red. The gorgeous, brilliant, satiny-pink flowers vary from coral pink to almost white. ...

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