South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Salix mucronata woodii

    Salix mucronata woodii

    Cape Willow, Safsaf Willow, Kaapse Wilger, Safsaf-wilger, Wildewilgerboom, Munengeledzi, Mogokare, Umngcunube, Umnyezane, Umzekana

    Salix mucronata woodii is a very hardy, deciduous, small willow with graceful, drooping branches that grows along riverbanks and in wet areas. The lovely bi-coloured leaves look beautiful when the soft sinuous branches move in the slightest breeze and the leaves flutter. It has attractive, fissured...
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  • Salvia  Beautiful Blue

    Salvia Beautiful Blue

    Hybrid Wild Sage

    Salvia 'Beautiful Blue' is a very hardy, evergreen, small shrub with aromatic, bright-green leaves that grow in clumps along the stems. Clusters of sky-blue, funnel-shaped flowers are borne en masse from June to December. When the flowers fall off, the decorative calyx remains and is an added featur...
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  • Salvia africana caerulea

    Salvia africana caerulea

    Wild Sage, Strandsalie

    Salvia africana caerulea is a very hardy, evergreen small to medium sized shrub with aromatic grey leaves that have many medicinal properties and can be used in cooking. It bears spikes of attractive, blue to purple flowers from August to December that have copious nectar and attract birds and bees,...
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  • Salvia africana lutea

    Salvia africana lutea

    Wild Sage, Beach Sage, Golden Sage, Dune Sage, Sand Sage, Sandsalie, Geelblomsalie, Strandsalie, Bruinsalie

    Salvia africana-lutea is a very hardy, evergreen, small- to medium-sized shrub with aromatic, grey leaves.Clusters of unusual brown, funnel shaped flowers are borne from June to December, and when the flowers fall off a decorative, purplish calyx remains. The copious nectar offered by the flowers at...
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  • Salvia namaensis

    Salvia namaensis

    Klipsalie, Nama Sage

    Salvia namaensis is a perennial, evergreen small shrub that is both drought and frost hardy. It has fine, dissected little leaves that are lime green, tough and aromatic. They, as well as the young branches are covered in tiny little hairs. Young branches are reddish purple. The small white to pale ...
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  • Salvia radula

    Salvia radula

    Tongblaarsalie, Scrappy African Sage

    Salvia radula is a hardy, evergreen perennial with large, quilted, aromatic, grey-green leaves that have woolly, white undersides and are crowded at the base of the plant. The leaves are an attractive feature of the plant. Luminescent, white flower spikes are borne during summer. These are showy and...
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  • Sansevieria aethiopica

    Sansevieria aethiopica

    Mother-in-laws Tongue, Bowstring hemp, Skoonma-se-tong, Wildewortel

    Sansevieria aethiopica is a hardy, evergreen, succulent plant that is very variable in size and shape, and that spreads from shooting, subterranean, horizontal stems. Rosettes of erect, mottled leaves form dense stands under vegetation. At irregular periods during the year a tall, flowering stem c...
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  • Sansevieria hyacinthoides

    Sansevieria hyacinthoides

    Skoonma-se-tong, aambeiwortel, haasoor, Mother-in-laws Tongue, piles root, bowstring hemp, isikholokotho, xikwenga, Isikwendle, isitokotoko

    Sansevieria hyacinthoides is a hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant, succulent plant with rigid, tongue-shaped, succulent leaves.The leaves are grey-green with darker, mottled markings. This drought-resistant, attractive form plant bears, in spring and summer, gorgeous spikes of showy, white flowers ...
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  • Sansevieria pearsonii

    Sansevieria pearsonii

    Bobbejaan-se-dood, Elephants Toothpick

    Sansevieria pearsonii is a hardy, evergreen succulent with a fan of cylindrical, hard, ribbed leaves that overlap near the base. The leaves end with a hard, sharp spine.  It bears a tall spike of pinkish-brown flowers on and off for most of the year. The scented flowers generally open at night....
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  • Scabiosa africana

    Scabiosa africana

    Cape Scabious, Pincushion, Koringblom

    Scabiosa africana is a hardy, evergreen shrubby perennial with large rosettes of light green soft-textured leaves with ruffled edges. Pretty pale blueish-mauve or white flowers on long stems, are borne above the leaves from July to November. They make a long lasting cut flower. Plant in humus rich ...
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