South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Tabernaemontana elegans

    Tabernaemontana elegans

    toad tree, laeveldse paddaboom, umKhahlwana, umKhadlu

    Tabernaemontana elegans is a hardy, deciduous, upright small tree that has beautiful, large, shiny, dark green leaves and a lovely rounded shape. The clusters of beautiful white flowers are sweetly scented and borne from October to February and attract bees to the garden. These are followed by inte...
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  • Talbotia elegans

    Talbotia elegans

    False Dracaena

    Talbotia elegans is a hardy, evergreen, groundcover with leathery, narrow leaves that are pleated and lie horizontally to form mats. Beautiful, white, star-shaped flowers are borne on the tips of delicate stems that are held above the leaves from December to March. Plant in amongst rocks in shady ...
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  • Tarchonanthus camphoratus

    Tarchonanthus camphoratus

    wildekanferbos, camphor bush, moologa, mofahlana, igqeba emlimhlophe, mofathla

    Tarchonanthus camphoratus is a hardy, large, decorative, evergreen shrub or small tree with attractive silver foliage that smells of camphor when crushed. Sprays of white, thistle like flowers covered in white woolly hairs are borne from March to November. All parts of the plant are aromatic and sme...
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  • Tecomaria capensis

    Tecomaria capensis

    Cape-honeysuckle, tecomaria, Kaapse kanferfoelie, trompetters, mpashile, lungana, incwincwi, uchacha, udodo, ugcangca, imunyane, umsilingi, icakatha, malangula, molaka

    Tecomaria capensis is a hardy, fast growing, colourful, rambling shrub has attractive, bright green foliage. The beautiful, large spikes of funnel-shaped Orange, Yellow, Red, Bronze or Salmon flowers are borne from early spring, throughout summer and into the winter. They attract sunbirds, other ne...
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  • Terminalia phanerophlebia

    Terminalia phanerophlebia

    Lebombo Clusterleaf, Lebombotrosblaar, amaNgwe-amnyama, amaNgwe-omphofu, mambonjwane

    Terminalia phanerophlebia is a gorgeous, deciduous, small to medium sized, upright tree that is frost hardy and fast growing and has an interesting branching pattern and shining purplish branchlets.   The attractive leaves have a soft, velvety feel to them and are an unusual olive-green colour....
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  • Themeda triandra

    Themeda triandra

    rooigras, red grass

    Themeda triandra is a very hardy, evergreen, tall, tufted grass with foliage in many shades of green that turn reddish when older. The pendulous, purple-red flower spikes are most attractive from September to June. The seeds that follow are also a beautiful feature of this grass. In nature, the pr...
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  • Thespesia acutiloba

    Thespesia acutiloba

    Tulip Tree, Wildetulpboom, Ibicongo

    Thespesia acutiloba is a hardy, semi-deciduous small tree or large shrub with pale grey bark that becomes furrowed with age. It has large, decorative, shiny, ivy-like leaves. From November to May it bears beautiful, big, lemon-yellow flowers, which close in the afternoon. It was from the flowers ...
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  • Thorncroftia succulenta

    Thorncroftia succulenta

    Rock Sage, Klipsalie

    Thorncroftia succulenta is a very hardy, evergreen, much-branched shrub with succulent stems and leaves. The many grey green leaves are covered in dense short hairs. From February to June, the plant bears many spikes of long, tubular magenta pink flowers. Rock sage makes an interesting, medium to la...
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  • Thunbergia alata

    Thunbergia alata

    black-eyed susan, swartoognooi, isiPhondo

    Thunbergia alata is a hardy, evergreen, twining climber that has attractive, bright-green, heart-shaped leaves. Throughout the year, but particularly in summer and autumn, it produces masses of orange, trumpet-shaped flowers with a dark, purple-brown tube. These flowers attract tiny insects to the...
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  • Thunbergia natalensis

    Thunbergia natalensis

    Dwarf Thunbergia, Dwergthunbergia, isiphondo esikhulu

    Thunbergia natalensis is a hardy, deciduous, herbaceous shrublet with large, attractive, heart-shaped leaves that sometimes have wavy margins. From October to March, it bears beautiful, sky-blue, trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow centres. They attract insects to the garden. Traditionally it is used...
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