South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Aloe arborescens

    Aloe arborescens

    Krantz Aloe, Kransaalwyn, inhlabaencane, ikhala

    Aloe arborescens is a very hardy, drought-resistant, large, branched Aloe with narrow, curved, bluish-grey leaves that form rosettes. The leaves may become reddish in winter or in times of drought. Three to four flowering stems of orange, red or yellow flowers arise from each rosette and bloom a...
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  • Aloe arborescens Yellow

    Aloe arborescens Yellow

    Yellow krantz aloe, Geel kransaalwyn, ikalene, inkalane, umhlabana

    Aloe arborescens yellow is a  very hardy, drought resistant, branched Aloe with narrow curved, bluish-grey leaves that form rosettes. Three to four flowering stems of yellow flowers arise from each rosette and bloom all winter. An attractive Aloe, which provides food for sunbirds in winter as ...
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  • Aloe aristata

    Aloe aristata

    Guinea Fowl Aloe, sereleli, umathithibala

    Aloe aristata is a very hardy, dwarf, stemless Aloe. The attractive dark-green leaves have a multitude of white spots and are edged with soft, small, white teeth. The red or salmon-pink flowers are inordinately large for such a small plant and are borne in November and December. It suckers fr...
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  • Aloe boylei

    Aloe boylei

    Grasaalwyn, Broad Leaved Grass Aloe, Lisheshelo, isiPhukuthwane,

    Aloe boylei is a very hardy, deciduous grass Aloe with large flat, upright, broad leaves that end in a point and have a few white spots at the base and white teeth on the margins. It blooms from November to February in a flattish inflorescence. The lovely tubular, salmon pink flowers, which taper of...
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  • Aloe brevifolia

    Aloe brevifolia

    Klein Aalwyn, Short Leaved Aloe

    Aloe brevifolia is a fairly hardy, dwarf Aloe with dense rosettes of broad, triangular and distinctly grey-green leaves which form clumps. It bears cone shaped spikes of flowers in shades of red and yellow during October and November. It is restricted to the Western Cape which has winter rainf...
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  • Aloe castanea

    Aloe castanea

    Katstertaalwyn, Cat’s-tail Aloe

    Aloe castanea is a hardy, very distinctive, tree-shaped Aloe that has spreading branches and long, succulent leaves that can reach up to 1m long. It bears unusual, curled, snake-like inflorescences from June to August. The massed spikes of flowers with long stamens have a ‘bottlebrush’...
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  • Aloe ciliaris

    Aloe ciliaris

    Rankaalwyn, Climbing Aloe

    Aloe ciliaris is a hardy, climbing Aloe with stems climbing up to 5m if they are supported, but otherwise makes a lovely, clump forming sprawling shrub.  The leaves are in loose rosettes around the stem and fringed with white hairs. Blooms almost all year round with beautiful, bright red flowe...
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  • Aloe cooperi

    Aloe cooperi

    Cooper’s Aloe, isiputumane

    Aloe cooperi is a very hardy, stemless Aloe with long, narrow, yellow-green leaves arranged in a fan shape and distinctively keeled with white spots beneath. It has spikes of apricot or yellow coloured, tubular flowers from December to March. The flowers attract nectar feeding birds such as Sunbirds...
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  • Aloe cryptopoda wickensii

    Aloe cryptopoda wickensii

    Yellow Aloe, tweekleur-aalwyn, geelaalwyn

    Aloe cryptopoda wickensii is a hardy Aloe that has a single, large stemless, densely packed rosette of grey-green succulent leaves. The flowers are variable and may be red, yellow or bi-coloured, with yellow and red flowers. Depending on conditions, flowering time can vary between May and July. This...
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  • Aloe dyeri

    Aloe dyeri

    Large Flowered Aloe, Grootblomaalwyn

    Aloe dyeri is a hardy, robust, shade loving Aloe. The Large Flowered Aloe is the largest of the spotted aloes. It forms a large basal rosette of long yellowish-green leaves with scattered spots or stripes. The magnificent long (up to 1.5m) flowering stalk bears brick-red, tubular flowers from Februa...
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