Acacia caffra

Acacia caffra


Common Names

Gewone Haakdoring, katdoring (afrikaans)
Common Hook Thorn, Cat Thorn (english)
Morutlhare (tswana)
Muvunda-mbado (venda)
Umtholo (zulu)
Motholo (n. sotho)
Mbvhinya-xihloka (tsonga)


Genus Acacia
Species caffra
SA Plant Number 162
Basionym Acacia caffra


Acacia caffra (=Senegalia caffra) is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, graceful tree with feathery foliage that gives the tree a weeping shape.

Fragrant, creamy-white flower spikes are borne from September to November along with the delicate new leaves making this tree a really beautiful sight.

The flowers buzz with the insect life around them. Tolerates harsh conditions - cold and drought. It has a few scattered small hook thorns and fissured, flaking bark which attract Woodpeckers.

Once planted out it quickly develops into a beautiful tree that can be used as a single specimen or to create an attractive avenue and is an essential part of a bushclump and wildlife garden.

Attracts birds and insects to the garden.

Size 3 to 8 m


Fissured, flaking bark which attract Woodpeckers
Scented flowers attract many insects



Useful addition to a bushclump as well as a stand-alone, small, specimen tree.

Beautiful small deciduous tree for small gardens.


Limpopo, North West Province, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Free State,  Eastern Cape, Western CapeNatural Habitat:

Woodland, wooded grassland and along rivers and streams


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