Aeollanthus parvifolius

Aeollanthus parvifolius

Common Names

Klipsalie (afrikaans)
Rock Sage (english)


Genus Aeollanthus
Species parvifolius
SA Plant Number
Basionym Aeollanthus parvifolius


This evergreen, drought tolerant, multi-stemmed, perennial, succulent shrublet is long-lived, fast-growing and light frost resistant. The leaves are broad oval to roundish.  

The two-lipped, white to light pink, tubular flowers occur from late summer to autumn, and attract pollinating insects.

The fruit that follows has a persistant calyx at the base of the flower which breaks loos when ripe, releasing the small seeds.

It grows in rock crevices where it is protected from fire and frost in Montane and grassland areas. When it gets frosted or burned in veld fires, it jus re-sprouts. It is fairly pest free and is ideally suited for rockeries, border plants and make good container plants. It doesn't need much maintenance and is ideal for water-wise gardens.

It grows in full sun in sandy to loamy soil.

Size: up to 0.5m 


Pollinating Insects:

The flowers attract pollinating insects to the garden.




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