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Random Harvest Newsletter - December 2010

Posted On: Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Indigenous Enthusiast,

I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner and the year is almost over - where did it go?  I am not sure if this is just an age thing or are we so busy that time just flies.

plant nursery JohannesburgChristmas is for children

As usual we have a lucky dip for the children where they can scratch around in the treasure basket and choose their small gift from us.

I have also made up some Christmas colouring in books.  Each child will get a colouring in book and they can sit and colour in while you are browsing around the plant nursery.

We are hoping to get other activities going for the children but I will keep you posted on what we manage to arrange.

Take them for a walk to see the cows and geese and scratch around for bugs.  A great outing for the kids where there is lots of space to run and play.

Our Plant Nursery's Christmas Gift To You

When you visit during the holidays there will be a beautiful bulbous plant, Eucomis pole-evansii the Giant Pineapple Flower as our gift to you in appreciation of your support. 

This Hardy, deciduous, tall, robust plant has broad, shiny, strap-shaped leaves with finely crimped edges near the base.  It forms a large tuft on the ground, standing up at an angle to the soil. 

plant nursery Johannesburg

A thick, tall (1 to 1.5m) flower stalk bears masses of greenish white open flowers in a spiral from December to April.  The flower stem often needs staking as it falls over from the weight of the flowers. 

It continues to be decorative while the large green fruit develop in the middle of the flowers.

It makes a great focal point in a garden bed or also looks wonderful in a container.

I am sure you will really enjoy having this beautiful plant in your garden.

Bring a friend

Bring along a friend to introduce them to Random Harvest and not only will they get a beautiful Eucomis but if they sign up for the newsletter we will offer you both a complimentary Cappuccino.

Christmas Gardening

The holidays are a good time to visit Random Harvest and get some help on how to perk up the garden.  At this time of the year the plants are looking beautiful and you will be spoilt for choice.

Each week we will put different plants on special, giving you the opportunity of sorting your garden out at a reasonable price.

Garden Design ideas

Christmas is a good time to think about doing some gardening as things are not quite as frantic as during the year.  Bring along a few pictures and measurements and someone will always be here who can help you with some unique garden ideas.

Waterlily Tea Garden

Frans has been on a chocolate making course and is making yummy chocolates - he is amazing at it and they look really professional.

A taste of these chocolates will be served up with your coffee or tea for a little taste of decadence.  

Gift ideas for Christmas

Container plants for gifts

We have planted up some lovely plant containers which are easy to handle and will make lovely gifts.  A beautiful plant will always be appreciated as a living gift.

In the shop


There are a whole range of new books in stock on subjects ranging from Indigenous Gardening, Vegetable and Herb Gardening, Waterwise Gardening and a variety of field guides.

Other Goodies

If you are interested in planting by the Moon we have beautiful Moon Calendars in stock.

A few other things are a family calendar with pictures of wild life paintings, notebooks with pictures of wildflowers, Hand crocheted pot holders and lots of other quirky little goodies.


There is filtered pure raw honey in stock as well as a good range of jams and Marula Jelly and of course the jams my mom makes, which is also served in the tea garden.

Silkscreen Overlays

Christmas gift ideas

These pictures are but a small selection of the Silkscreen overlays in the shop.  Bright and cheerful to use on your table when you are having a braai or informal lunch.

Public holidays at Plant Nursery Opening Dates

We will be open on the 16th December but closed on 25th and 26th of December and the 1st of January.

Wild Flower Outing at Chrissiemeer on Saturday 22nd January 2011

Many of our customers have been on this wild flower walk and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The details are as follows:


  • Meet Time: 08h00 ( Registration) for 8h45 - 15h30 at  Mc Cloud's Shop in Main Street.
  • Coffee / Tea will be served
  • Price: R130 pp including Lunch Cash only
  • Books will be for sale Cash only
  • Necessities: Comfortable shoes, Books, Hat, Water, Snacks, pencil, binoculars, magnifying glass.
  • Program: 8h45 -Introduction talk Judd / Ané
  • Everyone drive with his own transport.
  • We will visit different sites in the surrounding area.

The group will be accompanied by wildflower lovers and flower specialists. The idea is to enjoy yourself!

Lunch: 13h00 The NG Kerksaal - Bring your own wine or beer.
Talk and slide show: 14h30 - 15h30 The NG Kerksaal Guest Speaker: Judd Kirkel
Wildflowers with Emphasis on our summer Rainfall Orchids
Bookings: [email protected]  Ane Steinberg 082 804 1771 : www.chrissiesmeer.co.za

On the Random Harvest Farm

Everything is just bursting with life on the farm especially the frogs.  The frogs in my mom's new pond are numerous and noisy.  Each night I am serenaded by them and some nights throughout the night. 

It is really nice to wake up in the night and hear the frogs. Until the pond was in I only used to hear the odd one but now we have a complete chorus.

Talking of the pond it is amazing just how quickly it settles down.  The fish are thriving with hordes of tiny babies and a multitude of tadpoles.  We have had to try and section off the tadpoles from the big fish as they were feasting on the tadpoles. 

My mom has put up a fence of plant bags that the tadpoles can get through the spaces in between to take refuge, but not the big fish who wait greedily for one of them to venture out.

plant nursery Johannesburgplant nursery JohannesburgWe caught one of my enemies in the nursery - a mole rat.  He was really cheeky trying to bite with his big white front teeth.  I took him off to the dam and let him go.  Hopefully it will take a long time for him to tunnel back up the hill to come and munch all my bulbs.

My mom found a tiny baby terrapin in the Dam.  It was only about 5cm in Dia.  Unfortunately she didn't call me to see it or take picture but it was very exciting anyway to know we have breeding Terrapins.

I was sitting at the dam and saw a furry creature next to the island.  Unfortunately I only saw its back.  I got so excited and thought we had really hit the jackpot with an otter from the stream down the way although it looked too small. 

But after some research it transpires that it was a Cane Rat which, I found surprisingly, is semi aquatic.  Still exciting.

plant nursery JohannesburgWe have had some nice views of the Malachite Kingfisher and a first for the dam a Purple Heron. 

There are lots of birds that like munching fish so the fish population must be healthy or they would all be off looking for easier pickings.

plant nursery JohannesburgI was so pleased to see the juvenile Moorhen as I hadn't seen them for a while and thought they had either been eaten or left the dam.

Didn't the Orange Throated Longclaw pose so beautifully for me? 

He is so tame he just marched along in front of the Golf Cart as if the world belonged to him. 

We had a lovely view of a male White Bellied Sunbird in amongst the yellow Tecomaria flowers. 

There are 3 generations of young geese on the farm - and a bunch of juvenile delinquents they are. 

They have taken to bathing in the dog's drinking water. 

They are driving my staff crazy trying to keep them away from the newly planted seedlings which they love to pull up.

We at Random Harvest Indigenous Retail and Wholesale Plant Nursery wish you all the best for the holiday season.

If you are going on holiday have a great time and drive carefully.  If you are staying in Johannesburg enjoy the quietness and the great weather and we hope to see you here.


[email protected]

Cottages 072-562-3396 :  Nursery 082-553-0598

Hours of business Monday to Saturday 8.00 to 17.00.  Closed on Sundays.


Directions from the N1

  • From the N1 take the Beyers Naude off ramp and travel north along Beyers Naude Drive.
  • From the Christian De Wet Road crossing (Northgate is towards your right) continue along Beyers Naude Drive for 8.2km.
  • If you are traveling along Christiaan De Wet Road, turn left or from Northumberland Ave. turn right into Beyers Naude Drive.
  • Using Garden World Nursery, which is on your right, as a landmark measure 1.8km to our turn-off.
  • Opposite Oakfield farm (which is well sign-posted) at Valdor Centre turn right into College Road.
  • Continue for 2.2.km keeping right and following the small directional signs to Random Harvest Nursery.
  • You will find us on the left.

Directions from the N14

  • From the N14 (Krugersdorp - Pretoria Highway) take the Randburg/Zwartkop offramp (NB Do not take the Randburg/Lanseria offramp if you are coming from Pretoria).
  • Turn left towards Johannesburg along the extension of Beyers Naude Drive.
  • Pass the turn-off to Diepsloot - Nooitgedacht
  • Take the next tar road to your left at Valdor Centre into College Road 
  • Follow the directional signs (See above).

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