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Random Harvest – Wholesale Nursery in Johannesburg

Random Harvest Nursery in Johannesburg is renowned for our extensive range of indigenous plants and trees. Not only do we supply small-scale purchases to the general public, but we also offer wholesale purchases to anyone who needs to buy large quantities of plants at a time.

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The Shot Hole Borer Beetle Crisis

We are on the brink of an ecological disaster, all because of the Shot Hole Borer Beetle. Trees are dying and FABI has indicated that natural control is not in the pipeline at this point.

Judging by the numbers of dead trees killed by Shot Hole Borer Beetles in Johannesburg and Knysna, this could become one of South Africa’s worst ecological disasters.  While the beetles are primarily encountered in towns, there is a very real possibility, that they can spread out via tree corridors and start killing trees in the veld.  

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